Week 2


David's  departamento, gracios a dios, has two large and effective aire condicionados.  The profesores say this is not common in BA.  One profesora asked last week whether global warming was obvious in the New England climate.  No, the weather is too variable, year to year.  A month ago in BA, on the other hand, there were several 104 F days in December and January.  It snows maybe once a century in winter - July and August.

Today is 92 F in bright sunlight.  Cool-blooded David ventured out cautiously in the manana to the Recoleta park with its dozens of trendy restaurantes, hundreds of arts and craft stands and thousands of milling touristas, many speaking English.  After lunch, back  to the casa with the AC on.

The porteria returned David's washed, dried and pressed clothes.  Out of uniform today, she's dressed rather fetchingly. 


Sunday morning David went to church ... no wait a minute, that's a different universe, not even parallel.

Another hot, humid day, good for a walk around the neighborhood.  The sun beats down on the older folks filing out of the local iglesia, David goes to Buller's for a different sort of sacrament, and back to aire condicionado to study Spanish verbs.

It is said that English is more difficult than Spanish, or so I remarked to a professor last week.  He asked "Who says that?".  He's right.  Pretty much every verb that's irregular in English is irregular in Spanish, but Spanish has many more variations for person, mood and tense.  English is a lazy man's idioma, perfecto para mi.

Looks like a wet week ahead.

Rain. High: 91 F. / 33 C. Wind light. Chance of precipitation 80%.
Monday Night
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. Low: 80 F. / 27 C. Wind light. Chance of precipitation 20%.
Rain. High: 82 F. / 28 C. Wind NW 13 mph. / 21 km/h. Chance of precipitation 100%.
Tuesday Night
Rain. Low: 68 F. / 20 C. Wind SSE 6 mph. / 10 km/h. Chance of precipitation 70%.
Overcast. High: 73 F. / 23 C. Wind SE 8 mph. / 14 km/h.
Wednesday Night
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. Low: 68 F. / 20 C. Wind East 8 mph. / 14 km/h. Chance of precipitation 20%



It rained cats and dogs last night, witness the sedentary pooches (maybe it's time to rename this web site)  with their professional walker on the right, a common sight in BA.  Today it is cloudy, hot and humid.

David is in class for only 4 hours a day this week, and there were 4 students in the classroom.  Carole and John are on sabbatical  from Ithaca NY, and Katie is a bright and lovely young graduate from England.  It's nice to have others in the class to take some of the heat.

However, Carole and John think the class is too easy, and Katie would probably prefer younger colleagues, so David may be alone again tomorrow.  Historia de mi vida.



Thunder and lightning and rain, oh my, so David emailed school early in the morning to say that his thirst for knowledge was not waterproof, and went back to bed.  By some miracle (que milagro!) the rain let up enough to walk to the afternoon's Buller blessing.  And back to the casa to watch the world's stock markets take a dive.

The enterprise on the left was on the way back from Bullers.  I wonder what they sell.  Can't afford it, whatever it is.



Everybody made it back to class today.  Some alarming stories about the Argentinean military dictatorship in the late seventies and early eighties.  Did you know that the parking garage under the obelisque was used as a concentration camp?  Did you know that Jimmy Carter is Argentina's favorite American, because he remarked "we fought fascism in the second world war, why are we supporting it in South America?"

The porteria got the washing machine fixed and gave David a lesson on how not to destroy it.  David also got his cell phone working with a new SIM card.  After 2 weeks of Spanish classes, he still couldn't understand a word of what the phone people were saying, but helpful strangers and inspired guesswork helped navigate the shoals.  This is a nice town.



A muggy, cool, cloudy morning, and then the rain started to come down.  Never thought it would be difficult to find a cab in BA.  Wrong.

Snaps of profesora Marta, estudiantes Carole, Katie and John, all a bit unsure of what the heck is going on.  I'm not too sure myself, folks.

The school organized an excursion to the the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, one of dozens of museums in BA.  David pondered the many art works, appearing lost in analytical profundity, but actually simply wondering if the museum cafeteria served beer.  No, but only a short slouch to Buller's to be born.



A beautiful early Fall day, many portenos wearing sweaters or jackets in the morning, and the rush hour pigeons fluffed up against the chilly aire   The last day of the second week at school, and several professors are going to Mendoza for vacation.  Adios to Marta, and estudiante Katie is off to Montevideo.

Before she left, Marta told us about the Argentinean mate ("mahtay") ceremony.  This is a sort of tea, steeped in a gourd, and shared with family and friends.  They pass the gourd around, everybody drinking from the same metal straw/strainer, called a bombilla ("bombeesha").  It's a bit promiscuo, says Marta, a kind of tea orgia.

David's departimento cable connection went adios during the night as well.  No television, no internet.  It may be that this site is so dull that the electrons quit in disgust.  Shocking.  If this continues for long, there's a couple of hot spots in the neighborhood.  At least hotter than David's place!