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Week 1

viernes, febrero 22

Supposed to leave on Friday, a major snowstorm hits Boston, so everything gets re-scheduled for Saturday.  Which means arriving in BsAs on Sunday morning.  Which means waiting at the BsAs airport for a couple of hours because all the apartment rental reps are busy Sunday AM.  Which is what traveling is all about.


sabado, domingo febrero 23-24

Nothing other than New England snow to complain about.  The long flight from Miami to BsAs was loaded with Argentine kids finishing up their summer vacations. No sleep for the miled-mannered.  The taxi driver from the airport was amused by David's garbage Spanish.  "¿What is it that you like best about Buenos Aires?" he asked.  When David replied "the women", a glint came into his eyes "Let me give you my card, in case you need anything."  Everybody's got an angle, is this a great town or what?

After settling contractual matters, David rushed off to Buller's to make sure a) it is still there, and b) the IPA is still good.  Yes and yes.  Take a card, any card.

lunes, febrero 25

First day of school.  David took a placement test and was given the choice of attending a class that was too hard, or one that was too easy.  Too hard. Only one other student - a young lady from Switzerland who speaks very good Spanish and who quickly dismissed David as a contemptible sexist Neanderthal.  A very quick study indeed.

A nice afternoon for a walk in the park.  Buller's is still there.  La vida Neanderthal es buena.


martes, febrero 26

All work, no play, dull boy.  David is too tired to check if he's used this line before, or why the font in this site seems to have suddenly changed.


miercoles, febrero 27

David played hooky today, calling the school in horrific Spanish.  The teachers will cut him to ribbons tomorrow, but that's mañana.  Today it's back to bed.

And in the afternoon, a walk around the block.  Not much has changed.  At left the "Tulip", perhaps familiar to readers of http://GringosR.Us , that closes at sundown every night.  A sight David is likely to see only in his dreams.



jueves, febrero 28

Rain all night, pouring rain with street flooding and power outages in the morning.  A "disgrace" according to the newspapers.

David decided that the whole classroom thing was too stressful, especially coming on the heels of the Mérida trip, and called the school to cancel the rest of the week.  Now he can watch TV, go to the movies and stay up as late as he wants to.  All play, no work, guilty boy.

When it looked like it might be clearing up (big mistake!) David went for a walk through old haunts in San Telmo.  The Abril restaurant is not only closed, there is no remnant left.  And right across from the http://GringosR.Us apartment on Chile/Piedras, it looks like an entire block is being renovated.  No more convenient supermercado, but the ground floor restaurant is open.

No cabs in the torrential downpour, David returned to the apartment, everything soaked.


viernes, sabado, febrero 29, marzo 1

RainBuenos Aires, AG (Airport)
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Heavy Drizzle
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David goes for a walk in the park and reads a newspaper when it's not raining.  Also the IPA at Buller's has been getting a little tame, so David visited an Irish (!) pub that serves a passable home-brewed Imperial IPA.  But it's not Ithaca, and the odyssey continues.