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Week 3

domingo 9-marzo

David's newspaper of choice here is La Nacion.  You can get some idea of its editorial stance from the fact that it often includes entire pages from the Wall Street Journal.  The Sunday issue is large, and the vocabulary extensive - David can fill his morning quota of 40 new words just from one article on the front page.

This is sweater weather for most porteņos.  In his short sleeve shirt and baseball cap, David is conspicuously EEUU.  Who cares?


lunes 10-marzo

Another beautiful, cool day in paradiso.  David walked down to the northern end of Puerto Madero, where he found the expected high-end condos and front-row restaurants.  Coals to Newcastle.



martes 11-marzo

Yet another beautiful day.  Picture blue sky, a few lazy clouds, in the 70's F.

The TV news here gave short shrift to the whole Spitzer thing.  Prostitution is semi-legal in Argentina.  The NY governor's crime is seen as having prosecuted it publicly and practiced it privately.  If he had openly tried to legalize prostitution, then the whole episode would have been seen as simply putting his mouth where his money is.


miercoles-viernes 12-marzo a 14-marzo

Oops, a little lax in the blog department.  Beautiful weather, relaxing walks in the parks, reading, watching TV.  David watches a lot of US shows with Spanish subtitles and consequently knows the Spanish for rape, murder, prison and alibi.

On Friday a long (2+ hours) walk to La Boca, revisiting old haunts along the way.  At right,"Te Amo Tonto" as it was 2 years ago, at left as it is now.  Love not only fades, it gets plastered in the process. 

Or, at least, that's my coartada.