First week

A little excitement the night before the flight to Puebla - a disk crash on the new Acer Aspire One computer that David planned to take on the trip!  Scurrying about, trying to get the FrontPage web tool working on the tiny Asus eee 900.

This blog may be short.

5-Day Forecast for Puebla  
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Partly Cloudy
77 F | 46 F
25 C | 8 C
Scattered Clouds
80 F | 50 F
27 C | 10 C
Scattered Clouds
82 F | 51 F
28 C | 11 C
Scattered Clouds
84 F | 50 F
29 C | 10 C
Scattered Clouds
84 F | 50 F
29 C | 10 C
Partly Cloudy Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds Scattered Clouds


Sabado 8-noviembre

Six hours on planes and roughly the same on the ground will get you door-to-door from Boston to Puebla.  In the dark, from the air, Puebla is a huge sprawlng city of light.  Driving past the massive Volkswagon plant in the night reminds you of the Boeing plants in the USA northwest.

A driver for the school picked David up and drove him to  one of a row of dark apartments on a dark street.  The lady of the house answered the ring and showed David to his room off the inside garage.  He doesn't know here he is, and doesn't know how he got there, and it's time to crash.


Domingo, 9-noviembre

Talk about a crash, the trip almost finished before it started this AM!  There are no towels in the bathroom, and after his shower a wet David did a major pratfall  while stepping down from the raised bathroom.  On the bad leg.  No snaps, crackles or pops, but really really sore.  No walks througoh the city today.  At left, a room with no leg to stand on.

The lady of the house, Lulu, very kindly brought breakfast down to David's room, while her husband Jos lent a pair of bathroom slippers, in the unlikely event that David can ever walk again.  Let alone take a shower.


Lunes, 10-diciembre

When the guys back at the astronomy club said they were taking bets on how many classes David would actually attend, he scoffed.  Um, David emailed the school today to say that he still can't walk.  Needless to say, the host family is a little disconcerted at this situation.

About the home WiFi internet connection - the signal, to an unprotected "default" site,  is very weak (zero bars) in David's room.  Lulu says it is a neighbor's, and that it's too expensive for her to subscribe.  So this web site could disappear at any ti


martes - 11 noviembre

David wanted to spend another day in bed, but Lulu (a dentist who doesn't take any nonsense from anybody) shooed him into a taxi and escorted him to the school, where he was welcomed with open arms and a new cane.  One other  gentleman in the class, a retired lawyer from England.  At left is John, and at right our rapid-fire teacher Irma.  This is going to be a lot of work.

David's afternoon guide for the week is Sandra, a young medical student interested in genetic diseases.  We talked about chromosomes.

The school is at the site of an old nunnery dating from 1639.  David can feel the ghosts of righteous living coursing through his veins.  Or is that cursing?  On the plus side of this holy alliance, we have high speed WiFi at the school.  Which is good, because the home WiFi has been cut off due to lack of payment.


miercoles - 12 noviembre

David is still "cojo" today, which means both lame and ineffectual, take your pick.

Lulu drove him to school .  When he got out of the car, she said "you're supposed to pay me."  David asked how much, and she replied "as much as a taxi."  She must have seen how much David tipped the cab driver yesterday!   Beats a bus, Lulu can take my money any day.

A tough day in the classroom followed by a school trip to some nice churches and a nice pyramid, more or less.  David was assured there was not much walking involved.  Enough on that subject, except that some human sacrifices are about due.


jueves - 13 noviembre

The text isn't being used a lot in the morning class.  Both John and David need practice in expressing complex notions (other than "I'm hungry" and "Where's the bathroom?"), so the profesora initiates conversations about history, the arts, politics etc.  One question this morning "Why is the dollar increasing in value so rapidly?"  has an easy answer "People are buying and bidding up the dollar because of its perceived security."

Sure enough, in the afternoon walk David exchanged some currency and found that there are now 13 pesos in a US dollar.  If the US couldn't sell goods competitively with a weak dollar, a strong dollar might be a disaster.


viernes - 14 noviembre

David froze up in class today - he couldn't think of a single example of a sentence in which the imperfect subjunctive expresses some uncertanty about the future.  And when we started on Mexican colloquialisms - no wonder David can't understand a word of what people other than professors are actually saying!

In the afternoon David and his guide Sandra went to the local black market to check out prices on DVDs of Mexican movies.  Sandra at left and racks of DVDs at right.  As a test David picked up 4 DVD's for about $4 US.  We'll see, or not.

No web at home.  No more entries until Monday.  Hasta luego.