Week 2

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sabado, domingo - 15,16 noviembre

David is lost without the internet.  Al weekend long he stumbled about, looking for that telltale shimmer in the air that signifies WiFi in the neighborhood.  And stumble is the right word!

Not many people know this, but the sidewalks of Avenida 31 Poniente  were originally constructed  by the Babylonians 4,000 years ago when they came over to teach the Mexicans how to build pyramids.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been much repair work since then, but on the positive side, you don't have to worry about encountering a mountain bike on the sidewalk - they stick to easier terrain.

People are polite here.  Everybody knows David is a gringo, not just by his size, complexion, and befuddled demeanor, but by the fact that he wears a short-sleeved shirt when everybody else has  a sweater and a scarf.  Even the Babylonians.


lunes -17 noviembre

David's new guide for this week is Jarez, who arrived a little late because, today being a Mexican holiday, she thought there was no school.  David has a lame excuse for not wanting to walk around so we sat and argued.  Jarez is about to get her degree in anthropology, after which she will go to Paraguay to work with indigenous communities.  She says that she has dealt with communities that speak no Spanish and have no concept of schooling, let alone reading, writing or television.  We argued about the role of computers in urban education, Jarez thinks they're a mixed blessing.

David likes mixed blessings - like salads, they tend to have more flavor.


martes - 18 noviembre

Yesterday's blog entry was almost the last.  Forget permanent injury to David's leg from standing up in a crowded lurching Mexican bus:  the real problem was spilling Coca-Cola all over this computer.  David removed the keyboard, rinsed it in drinking water, and watched as keys started coming back to life.  The inside of the machine?  A sticky subject.

Wednesday PM David will see an orthopedic specialist.


miercoles - 19 noviembre

David and Jarez took a cab to the orthopedic clinic.  The cab got lost, Jarez got lost, and none of the locals had the slightest idea of where the clinic was, including a seņor who lived right across the street.

The doctor reached the same conclusions as David - a muscle pull.  This time we have X-rays (rayos equis) to back us up.  Prescription for new pills and have to go back on Monday.  David added his own addendum to the prescription: no more public Mexican buses.


jueves - 20 diciembre

The pills from the doctor proved almost useless to relieve pain, and David reverted to aspirin and ibuprofen.  This is getting really annoying.

Jarez was delighted to discover that David is an atheist, because as an anthropology student she is now on the familiar ground of studying benighted heathens.  Sir Heathen, that's David.


viernes - 21 diciembre

The end of the second week.  Over the weekend the students will take a bus to Mexico City to see ... pyramids!!!  Tune in for Monday's fantasy tour.