Week 3


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Puebla weather can be very pleasant  in the middle of a November day..  Sunny skies, low 70's.  During the night, however, it can drop below freezing.  For buildings with no central heating, this can get interesting.

The school, for instance, is open to the sky in many places.  Individual classrooms are closed, but have no heating,   School staff are always bundled up with coats and scarves.  Even the gringos need sweaters and jackets.  Except David's classmate John, from Manchester-Leeds, who thinks he's in a tropical paradise.



domingo, 23- noviembre

There are some people who say that you can't see too many pyramids.  These people are wrong.

All the students set off in a bus to Teotihuacan, which means "let's see them try to pronounce this" in some local indigenous language.  The bus left at 7:30 AM and returned at 10 PM.  During the trip the students saw many interesting cultural artifacts, such as several very large pyramids and a McDonalds in downtown Mexico City that serves hamburgers made from the beating hearts of Aztec sacrificial victims.

Well, not really, but it's a marketing idea - McCardiacos.


lunes, 24-noviembre

In the morning class we watched Rojo Amanacer ("Red Dawn"), a film about the 1968 massacre of demonstrating Mexican college students and bystanders by army and police snipers.  Estimates of the dead range from 200 to several thousand - nobody knows for sure because the army disposed of the bodies.  The American CIA, convinced that the students were commie symps, provided intelligence and logistical support.

In the afternoon, Jarez accompanied David once again to the doctor's office.  While D received hot packs and electrical muscle stimulation, Jarez chatted with the receptionist, who turns out to be the doctor's wife.  Jarez says that the wife asked:

1) whether David and Jarez are married?  No, just friends.

2) whether David is rich?  Well, any gringo who goes to Puebla to learn Spanish is bound to be rich.

Jarez says that David was grossly overcharged.  Well, yeah, but $50 US for a doctor's appointment isn't a whole lot up norte.


martes, 25-noviembre

David was talking to his regular taxi driver about the world-wide depression this AM, and said that he hoped Obama would do a good job.  "Ah", said the taxista, "the negro."  The driver then hastened to add that this was not pejorative in Mexico, and that he himself called his wife "my little negro", and that she was the best homemaker in the world and very submissive.  No, she doesn't have any sisters, David checked.


miercoles, jueves 26,27 noviembre

Not much to report on this front.  The local restaurant served something resembling a Thanksgiving meal, with much thanks from the gringos in the school.  David doesn't notice any improvement in his conversational skills, but reading certainly requires fewer dictionary searches.


viernes 28 noviembre

Entering the home stretch, the leg is much better, but David is gaining too much weight from frequent trips to the first-class vegetarian restaurant.