Week 4

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Home stretch.

sabado, domingo 29-30 noviembre

Nice weather, the leg healing, David went for longish walks.  The city square ("El Zócalo") is brimming with people singing and dancing, with sidewalk restaurants and with troupes of little girls doing interviews in English for their homework assignments.  It's not BsAs, but it's a nice town.


lunes 1-diciembre

David's new guide Angel, who is studying to be a vocal tenor, led an interesting tour through the Museo Amparo.  There's an exhibition featuring old cars and tires in startling new environs, some of which are politically charged.  No cameras allowed.


miercoles 3-diciembre

After class, most of the students headed off to a town where they cut and grind marble and onyx.  From thence to the ruins of an old Franciscan monastery.  The conversation in the bus centered around going home.

jueves 4-diciembre

David and his classmate John spent the morning pretty much as usual, arguing about politics and sociology.  Irma the teacher showed a DVD movie about the travails of shattered Mexican families where some members are illegally in the USA.  Lots of beautiful men and women, much crying, dancing and ultimate happiness.  David patiently explained the concept of "chick flick" to Irma.

In the evening an opulent graduation graduation party, many photos, none from David's camera.  In all, 20 folks from the USA, Canada, Russia, Britain, France and Saudi Arabia prove how bad Spanish can really sound.


viernes, sabado 5,6-diciembre

Lots of folks heading home Friday, many taking a long ride to the airport in Mexico City.  David and Nasser have a 7:05 AM flight on Saturday from the local airport to the George Bush airport in Houston.  Ben from Sacramento says he would never fly into an airport with that name.  Nasser has 20 hours of traveling after Houston, David only about 3 or 4.

It's a great school, and the home experience, aside from the leg accident, wasn't a complete nightmare.  It'll be good to be home.